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5 Simple Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs At Home

Are you waking up to blisters, itchy spots or rashes on your body? Or perhaps you can see your skin is becoming infected? Then it is quite likely that you could have bed bugs in your home.

Bed bugs have been said to be the hardest bugs to remove. They are so much harder than ants, cockroaches and termites to get rid of. Depending on how bad the bugs are in your home, and the type of treatment that a professional would use, it can sometimes take quite a few goes to completely remove them. The good news is that there are all kinds of things that can be done in order to remove such annoying bugs.

When it comes to preventing bed bugs in particular, it is important that the home owner is always alert and vigilant. The best way to stop bed bugs from entering into the home is to have a professional inspection. In saying that, there are a few things that home owners can do themselves if need be. We will now have a look at 5 simple tips to prevent bed bugs at home. We hope you find these tips helpful.

1. Vacuum. 

Vacuuming on a regular basis is a must to stop getting bed bugs. Be sure to vacuum all of your carpets in your home. If you have come back from a vacation, as strange as this might sound, don’t forget to vacuum out your suitcases. You will be surprised where bed bugs can be found.

2. Second Hand Mattresses, Furniture And Box Springs. 

As tempting as it might be to purchase second hand mattresses, furniture and box springs, it is worthwhile keeping in mind that these are likely to already have bed bugs in them. Before taking any of these items into your home, be sure to check them out as thoroughly as possible. In fact, it would be worth asking a professional to have a look at them properly before you begin to use them. A professional will be able to tell you very quickly whether or not they have been infected by bed bugs!

3. Carry A Garbage Bag In Your Suitcase When Staying In Hotels. 

Consider carrying a garbage bag in your suitcase when you are staying in hotels or other accommodation places. This will attract the bed bugs to it and you will be able to remove them easily.

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4. Seek Professional Pest Control Advice. 

If you suspect that you have an infestation of bed bugs, before you do anything yourself, it is better to seek advice from a professional pest control first. They will be able to tell you what the best course of action is. They will also have the proper safety equipment and methods to use to get rid of them properly for you. They will also know what to look for when inspecting things for you.

5. Give Your Bedding Materials A Good Wash. 

Always give your bedding materials a good wash. In fact, anything with in your bedroom that can be washed should be washed. This includes all sheets, blankets, pillows and even soft animals or teddy bears. All of these should be washed and dried on a hot washing cycle in the washing machine. The hot heat will cause all of the bed bugs within these materials to die. Eggs will also die and be completely removed.

These are just 5 simple tips to prevent bed bugs at home. There are of course many other things that can be done. These include the following: freezing items that cannot be washed, physically remove bed bugs that can be seen, inspect more than once, or use bed bug chemicals.

The best approach for preventing bed bugs at home however, is to seek professional pest control advice. Ask them to come around and do a proper inspection. They will know exactly what they are looking for and will be able to tell you what the best course of action to do next is. Don’t be too proud to seek advice from a professional who knows what they are talking about. Feel free to contact us by clicking here to help you solve your bed bugs issue at home and office.

Whatever you decide to do, know that bed bugs should be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise they will get to other areas in your home and then they will become a real issue.