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Simple Mosquito Control Tips You Can Do At Home

Mosquitoes breeding can be deadly especially in Singapore, it can spread dengue fever or even the recent outage of Zika virus. Learn this simple mosquito control tips that you can perform at home.

While you may come across products that guarantee 100% removal of mosquitoes from your home or yard, yet you might never really achieve this. Still, if you can reduce their presence by using products like mosquito traps, it would certainly go a long way.

To achieve this, you will have to use a combination of approaches, such as finding out all the likely breeding sites of mosquitoes near your house or around it so that you can attack them in large numbers by using mosquito traps and spray.

You can also detect any likely breeding sites and prevent it by following the below mosquito control tips:
* Check every door and window of your home. If they have gaps in them, that could be a breeding site. Window screens should fit tightly without any gaps at the edges to avoid mosquitoes from breeding there.

* Do you have stagnant water in a pool in your garden? Here’s where mosquitoes lay their eggs. So, spray disinfectant here too.

* Are there any tree hollows in your garden? If rain water collects here, it could lead to mosquito infestation. Have this tree removed.

* Any gardening equipment which can be a receptacle for water can be home to mosquito larvae. Turn it over and drain the water so that it is not home to mosquitoes.

What to use: Crush citronella grass leaves or those of catnip, rosemary or lemon thyme and rub it on your skin to keep mosquitoes at bay. Alternatively, spray mosquito spray or get some pest control experts to help you in fumigation on your lawn, trees, bushes, etc and allow it to dry. This will kill mosquitoes.

Another good method of getting rid of mosquitoes is to lay mosquito traps that lure the females that are about 100 feet away and they die in the trap. Eight weeks of using traps can make a significant difference to your mosquito menace.

Mosquito netting can also be a promising and cheaper strategy to keep away mosquitoes as a means of pest control. With mosquito netting, you just prevent the mosquito from entering into the covered area. It is not perfect, certainly, but it really can offer fundamental shelter so that they do not reach you.

Preventive upkeep has to be used also because this could certainly reverse the underlying causes of mosquito infestations. Mosquito eggs can be present in water and when they hatch a serious infestation will take place. As such, it becomes necessary to drain ponds, gutters, and other such environments that can generate a possible mosquito control issue. This breaks the mosquito life cycle by killing different growth stages, hence ensuring their breeding is minimized..

Where everyday sensible options don’t work, perhaps it’s time to use trained mosquito control to control bug infestations such as these. If the options you have tried are not working, employ professionals instead. They will do the work right.

Mosquito control is not as tough to engage in as what might initially be thought. However, it may be done with the proper approach and an understanding of what techniques to utilize and when. With such a proper tactic, the issue of mosquito control will not be difficult to get a handle on.

Of course, the last tips is always good to engage a pest control professional experts for advice. Contact Pest Control Singapore today at for a non-obligation quote.