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Common Pest Problems in Singapore

Whether you are living in Singapore or are preparing to move in a brand-new house in this city, being aware of some particular types of pests that live in that specific locations can be useful in assisting you deal with the annoying pests and getting rid of them. Take an appearance at some of the typical type of bug in Singapore noted below in this guide.

Most Common Pest Problems in Singapore

Flying Ants

Flying ants are normally typical amongst high-rise structures in Singapore. This type of pests does not live in packs, however tend to typically grow over time if they are not eliminated right away.

Apart from pharaoh ants and carpenter ants, other flying ant types do not position any kind of risk to your health or house. These kinds of pests can simply be frustrating. Utilizing some natural treatments can go a long method in assisting you get rid of flying ants in Singapore in an efficient and basic method.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of those harmful pests that hide in the bed throughout the day and come out in the night to draw blood. Even they are not fed; these pests continue to reproduce in your bed linen.

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One of the finest natural treatment to get rid of bed bugs is to expose your bed linen to sun at least as soon as a week. Normally, bed bugs pass away in temperature level that go beyond 100F and so after exposing your bed mattress to sunshine beat the bed mattress gently with a stick so that dead bed bugs fall out. If you still discover bed bugs, take expert help.


Apart from the thick living structure in Singapore, the wood used in these structure and furnishings (which can be utilized as fodder to reproduce termites) add to termite problem the city. In addition, the damp climate condition in the city make it hard to dry the spills or wetness areas on your wood furnishings, walls or floor coverings, welcoming starving termites.

Termite problem is another typical bug control issue in Singapore. To get rid of termite invasion in Singapore, it is extremely advised to take the assistance of bug control service as quickly as possible.


Among the most typical pests discovered in Singapore is the cockroach. Considering that a lot of cockroaches discovered in the city can fly and can scaling throughout high walls, these pests handle to discover brand-new houses in HDB flats that are normally discovered all over in Singapore. In addition, given that cockroaches can increase and replicate in great deals within a couple of days, cockroach invasions is among the most typical issues dealt with by families in the city.

Cockroaches bring dirt, germs and bacteria and can make the environment of your hazardous and unhealthy. To obtain rid of cockroaches or avoid this insect from attacking your house, guarantee that you clear out hotspots in your house such as area behind your refrigerator, range, behind peeling wallpapers and under sofas frequently. Given that these pests in Singapore can be truly tough to deal with, taking the recommendations of a great expert who deals with bug control and management can be extremely advantageous.


Typical type of rats discovered in Singapore consists of the brown rat (sewage system rat) and the black rat (roofing system rat). According to health specialists, illness triggered due to these pests can show to really harmful to human health.

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Finding rodents in your house or hearing sounds emerging behind the wall or from the roofing system top can be extremely frightening. Apart from triggering health threats, rodents can nibble plastics, wood or moderate steel and can even trigger fires by chewing electrical wiring, triggering damage to building. It is for that reason extremely suggested that you take aid of bug control services in assisting do away with these vicious pests from your home.

To keep your area sanitary and clean, handling typical animals and eliminating them as quickly as possible is important. Considering that insect control business in Singapore supply one stop option to enhance your bug control techniques, get assistance from a pest control company in Singapore can be extremely useful in eliminating typical bug in Singapore.